By Gurtej on 6/17/2015

The following is from the MDSC Newsletter, dated May 2015:

Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) is a national, not for profit, consumer driven, voluntary health charity committed to ensuring that the voices of consumers, family members and caregivers are heard on issues relating to mental health and mental illness; and in particular with regard to depression, bipolar illness and other associated mood disorders.

We believe strongly in a collaborative approach and have a demonstrated track record for forging and maintaining meaningful and sustained partnerships with the public, private and non-profit sectors throughout Canada to advance mental health care, services and resources for all Canadians.


MDSC is always working on new collaborations and partnerships, having seen the impact that organizations can make together. We are very happy to be collaborating now with SEB Benefits & HR Consulting Inc. This new relationship will set our resources in motion, as SEB Benefits & HR Consulting Inc. provides a full spectrum of employer advisory services including strategic benefits consulting, health, work and productivity, due diligence, diagnostics and HR Consulting.

As a national mental health organization, workplace mental health is a key priority and many of our programs and services focus on changing and improving how mental illness is addressed in the workplace. We provide onsite workplace mental health training, supports and resources that help your organization meet its goals. To connect with us, please contact us for a consultation. Learn More

MDSC has been actively working with employers for many years, receiving an increasing number of requests for assistance on mental health issues. Our workplace training and presentations, coupled with ongoing program solutions and employee supports are constantly being updated to meet the demands of the day. When you have the right tools and supports in place, your workforce is healthier, more productive and cost-effective.

As part of our service package, we offer to come in to your business, review your current programs, look at stress/ risk factors, recommend and provide necessary programs to your company and train your management and staff on how to use them. We will provide you with staff resources and work with you to establish performance measurements so that you can monitor results.  All of our work incorporates the principles set out in our Mental Health in the Workplace guide.